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How to Make Amazing All-Natural Bug Spray

By Bargz Oils August 15, 2019

Who doesn’t love the warm summer breezes, beckoning us to the great outdoors?  Whether it's a midday picnic, a late-night B.B.Q. or a days-long camping trip, summertime is the perfect time to enjoy the company of friends and family outside in nature.

But summer fun can quickly become not-so-fun when you're eaten-alive by bugs.  Tiny little monsters, like blackflies and mosquitos, have the power to derail even the most joyous of outdoor get-togethers.  

Fending off these annoying little party-poopers comes with a list of challenges…

Why Drug Store Bug Spray Stinks

While there are a ton of repellents on the market, many contain harmful, even carcinogenic compounds.  They smell toxic because they are poisonous— to bugs but also to us, and they’re kind of gross. Sure, covering yourself in overpowering chemical-infused bug spray will stop the mosquitos, but it's also likely to repel your friends too.  

For folks with sensitive skin, many bug repellents might also cause irritations that are just as uncomfortable as bug bites.

There has to be a better way.  Fortunately, there is — peppermint!

Embrace the Power of Peppermint

Most humans enjoy the refreshing scent, but bugs hate the smell of peppermint, making it the perfect ingredient for an all-natural bug repellent.  

Thanks to the availability of quality essential oils, you can now make your own all-natural peppermint bug spray at home. Safe, organic and effective, peppermint bug spray can fend off flies, mosquitos, and wasps, without the harmful chemicals or noxious odors of traditional repellents.  Great for repelling bugs outside, it’s also fantastic for fending off common household insects like ants, spiders, even cockroaches.

Better yet, it’s easy to make.  

Here’s what you need:

  • - 2oz amber-colored spray bottle

  • - 1 tsp of jojoba oil

  • - 15 drops of peppermint essential oil

  • - 3 tbsp of distilled or boiled water (which has been cooled)

Add the ingredients together in the amber spray bottle, shake well, and spray on your skin or throughout your home.

Yep, it’s that simple!

The Added Health Benefits of D.I.Y. Bug Spray

The ingredients in peppermint bug spray nourish your skin while also repelling your hated bug-enemies.

Jojoba is a neutral carrier oil that helps preserve the strength and integrity of your peppermint essential oil and is perfect for all skin types. 

And peppermint contains refreshing menthol as well as several anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and, of course, insecticidal properties.  This essential oil derives from the leaves, buds, and flowers through steam distillation and also used to treat nausea, gastrointestinal issues, and menstrual cramps. 

When used with a diffuser, peppermint oil can refresh a room and your energy, all at the same time.  

The power of peppermint essential oil is versatile and revitalizing. The bugs will hate it, but you will love its variety of practical uses.

Try Bargz Peppermint Oil Kit, and enjoy the benefits of peppermint essential oil and create your all-natural bug spray at home. Have fun in the great outdoors, and be healthy and bug-free, all at the same time. It’s the way nature intended.

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