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How to Make Homemade Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

By Bargz Oils August 22, 2019


Things you will need: 

- Small pump bottle

- 5 drops Lemon essential oil 

- 5 drops Lavender essential oil 

- 20 drops Tea Tree essential oil 

- 1 tablespoon witch hazel

- ¼ cup pure Aloe Vera gel 


Hand sanitizers became popular because they are convenient, portable, easy to use and not time-consuming. Many children also think that hand sanitizers are fun to use.  Hand sanitizers are widely used products nowadays. They make people feel that they have clean hands. Hand sanitizers were invented in 1966 by Lupe Hernandez. She was a registered nurse in California. While she was studying to become a nurse, she discovered that cleaning alcohol can be delivered through a gel. With this, cleaning could occur without soap and water. The alcohol in hand sanitizers kill germs and bacteria found on hands.  In time, several companies created their own hand sanitizers and added new ingredients. Now, there are numerous brands and types of hand sanitizers available in the market.  

Unfortunately, traditional hand sanitizers became loaded with ingredients like triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, and a synthetic fragrance that can cause harm to the skin. Recently though, triclosan has been banned in hand soaps, sanitizers and body wash because of its harmful effects to the body. Triclosan and other antibacterial products are very potent that they kill all the bacteria including the good bacteria that people need for healthy skin and strong immune system.  

So, instead of using a commercial hand sanitizer, why don’t you make your own homemade hand sanitizer with essential oils? This way, you can use all-natural ingredients that are not harmful to the body. Not only does it kill germs naturally, but you‌ ‌can also save money making your own sanitizer as well.  

This homemade hand sanitizer does not use triclosan, but rather uses essential oils to kill germs. Instead of rubbing alcohol, the witch hazel acts as the second line of defense against germs. The Aloe Vera gel nourishes the skin and prevents chapping and cracking. The most important ingredients are the antimicrobial essential oils: lemon, lavender, and tea tree oil. Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils also give fragrance and are good for the skin. 

There are only three easy steps in making a homemade hand sanitizer.  

1. Pour all the ingredients into a small bowl. 

2. Stir to combine well.  

3. Transfer the hand sanitizer mixture to the pump bottle.  

This homemade hand sanitizer with essential oils can be used for up to a year. Using hand sanitizers is a habit that may decrease our chance of illness. Wherever you are or whatever you are doing, take the time to rub some on your hand. It is an easy step toward being healthy.   

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