Tea Tree Essential Oil, Skin Care, Foot Odor, Pest Repellent & Natural Fragrance -8oz

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Tea Tree Essential Oil, Skin Care, Foot Odor, Pest Repellent & Natural Fragrance 

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Beat bacterial, viral and fungal infections in a snap with our powerful Tea Tree Essential Oil. At Bargzoils, we believe that every home should have at least a bottle of this life-changing oil. We package tea tree oil that’s extracted directly from all natural ingredients – no chemical fillers, alcohol, or other laboratory pollutants in our oils. Experience the true essence of pure tea tree oil essential oil with our 10 ml starter size.


Tea Tree oil contains a-pinene, sabinene, b-pinene, myrcene, a-phellandrene, limonene, y-terpinene, 1,8-cineole, p-cymene, linalool, terpinolene, terpinen-4-ol, and a-terpineol.


Although tea tree oil is non-irritant and non-toxic, it should not be used on deep wounds, or near the eyes, nose, ears, or internally.

Product Characteristics

      • Flash Point - 122F
      • Odor – Warm Spicy
      • Viscosity – watery
      • Solubility in Alcohol – Yes
      • Shelf Life – 24 Months with Proper Storage
      • Appearance – Colorless to Yellow Liquid

Why Tea Tree Essential Oil?

Bargzoils tea tree essential oil is extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, which is native to Australia. The Aboriginal natives of Australia have used tea tree for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes for hundreds of years.

When it comes to fighting infection, dealing a blow to skin fungi, acne, and other imperfections, we believe that tea tree oil is in a class of its own. A few drops added to your lotion or shampoo will help remove dandruff and promote proper scalp health. Even better, natural tea tree has a refreshing aroma that brightens up your home or workplace.

The Ultimate Skincare Essential Oil

Tea essential oil contains substances known as terpenes that have antiseptic properties and help heal wounds, and fight infection. It’s been used for hundreds of years to prevent infection in blisters, small wounds, and burns.

The terpenes also have antimicrobial properties that help fight skin acne. Studies have shown that a lotion or gel containing just 5% tea tree oil can be as effective as prescription medicine when it comes to treating acne. Combine 5 drops of tea essential oil with 2 teaspoons of raw honey to create your own DIY tea tree oil acne wash.

Eliminate Foot Odor and Nail Fungus

Do you sometimes have smelly feet? Not anymore with our tea tree essential oil. It’ll put foot odor at bay and also fight fungal infections and parasites – which is why it’s popular for fighting athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, ringworms, and other similar problems.

Treat Insect Bites and Stings

Use our tea tree oil to treat bites from mosquitoes, bees, and other stinging insects. This essential oil has disinfectant properties that prevent swelling, prevent itching, and lessen pain. Simply add a few drops of pure tea tree oil to the sting site and cover with a bandage to prevent the oil from evaporating.

Control Pests

Are mosquitoes, spiders, ants and other bugs pestering you in your home or business premises? Turn to your bottle of tea tree essential oil for help! This essential oil has anti-parasitic properties that suppress the growth of parasites and repels bugs. Simply douse cotton balls with tea tree oil and strategically position them in the affected spaces.

If you’re looking for an essential oil that has a nice fragrance and offers massive benefits for protecting your skin, this tea tree oil will suffice.

CAUTIONS: Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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