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The sharp corners of furniture are dangerous, especially to children. Although anyone can get hurt from running into sharp corners, children are more at risk because of their height and their carelessness. Sharp corners can cause bumps, bruises, and in some cases severe injuries.

These kinds of accidents at home can be prevented. You can keep your children safe from bumps and bruises by using round corner guards on your furniture. The round design makes these corner guards suitable for furniture like corner tables, coffee tables, chairs, desks, cabinets, and a lot more. This shape also provides a more secure attachment to the surface of the furniture.

To ensure safety, these round corner guards are made of high-quality PVC. It is safe, soft, and nontoxic. The soft, rubber-like material absorbs shock upon impact and prevents harming anyone who comes in contact with the corners of the furniture. These corner guards are also big enough and they won’t be choking hazards for children.

These corner guards have a clean look that can blend well in most furniture. They do not have much physical effect at all. Not only that, but the design of these corner guards also makes them unnoticeable, especially to children. They will not be tempted to play with or to pull out these corner guards.

The strong 3M adhesive that comes with each corner guard provides an easy but secure way to install these corner guards on your furniture. Simply peel off the paper and carefully attach the guard on the corners of your furniture. They are sure to stay in place and won’t fall off at all.

These round corner guards are durable and reusable. These multipurpose corner guards can be used on any corners of different furniture at home, school, and office. Make your space safe for everyone.

PREMIUM-QUALITY ROUND CORNER GUARDS FOR FURNITURE WITH SHARP CORNERS - are you looking for an easy way to make your home safe for your family? Get this value pack of round corner guards that can keep anyone safe from sharp corners. Prevent bumps and bruises by installing round corner guards on your furniture.

CORNER GUARDS MADE OF SAFE AND SOFT MATERIALS - are you worried about the safety of your family at home? These round corner guards are perfect for you. They are made of high-quality safe and soft PVC that protects your children from sharp corners. These corner guards are large enough not to be choking hazards for children.

CORNER GUARDS WITH A CLEAN LOOK - do you want to maintain the appearance of your furniture while keeping them safe? These round corner guards are designed to blend well with most kinds of furniture. Not only that, but they are also unnoticeable and the children won’t be tempted to pull them out.

STRONG ADHESIVE FOR EASY AND CONVENIENT USE - are you looking for safety tools that are simple and easy to use? These round corner guards come with a strong 3M adhesive that secures them on furniture. Simply peel off the adhesive and install the guards on corners. Make your home safe in just a few minutes.

GET YOUR PACK OF PREMIUM-QUALITY ROUND CORNER GUARDS - you get a pack of 10 round corner guards that are durable and multipurpose, giving you more value for money. If, for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, let us know and we’ll make it right for you. We are committed to providing the best products and service to our customers. Get your round corner guards with our premium brand guarantee.


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