100 Count Glitter Gel Pen Set [Travel CASE Included] Notebook Bullet Journal Gel Metallic Pastel Refill Ink Nontoxic Adult Art Supplies for Coloring Book Drawing Doodling Craft [Artist Supplies]

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CREATE COLORFUL ARTWORKS WITH A SET OF ARTWERKS COLORED GEL PENS - are you looking for colored gel pens to use for your artwork? Get this set of 50 high-quality colored gel pens with vivid colors. Take advantage of the different color types of colored gel pens in this set. Have fun using glitter pens, metallic pens, neon pens, pastel pens, and classic colors giving your money’s worth.

DRAW AND COLOR SMOOTHLY WITH FINE POINT PENS - are you having a hard time drawing and coloring with other pens? Not anymore! Artwerks high-quality colored gel pens have high-precision, fine 0.8-1mm tips perfect for writing, drawing, sketching and coloring. The fine tips give a smooth and precise application

ULTIMATE COMFORT & CONVENIENCE - are you worried about your hands getting tired from writing and coloring? Forget about that! Each pen has a comfort grip for control and convenience while writing, drawing or coloring. Use the colored gel pens for long periods of time without feeling tired because of the convenience of the comfort grip pens.

GET MORE WITH GEL PENS WITH MATCHING REFILLS - how about a set of colored gel pens that come with 50 matching ink refills. You do not have to worry about skipping and bleeding colors because Artwerks colored gel pens have quality ink for quick drying and smooth writing. Use these colored gel pens for a long time with quality ink refills.

SUPERIOR QUALITY COLORED GEL PEN SET IN A TRAVEL CASE - you get an amazing set of 50 colored gel pens, 50 matching ink refills, and a travel case. Keep all your colored

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