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Peppermint Essential Oil and Migraine Relief

By Bargz Oils March 06, 2020






Peppermint Oil actually helps fight painful migraines!

Everybody wants to live an active, joyful life.  We enjoy the time spent with our family and friends.  We long to explore new activities and try new things. We want to embrace our days feeling refreshed and energized.

But this is hard when you suffer from migraines.  No matter how active you want to be, the fear of being hit with the debilitating pain caused by types of headaches is frustrating and a little bit soul-crushing.  

It's not fair.  You should feel unencumbered and free to live your life the way you want.  Having a migraine is horrible, but living with the anxiety that comes with anticipating your next one feels almost as bad as the headaches themselves.

To make matters worse, typical medications for migraine headaches come with a bevy of side-effects.  These chemical cocktails may help to treat some of our symptoms, but they also create another set of problems.

But there is a better way.

Scientific research shows that peppermint has specific compounds that can fight migraine symptoms.   Yes, when it comes to peppermint, science backs-up what traditional healers have long-known — peppermint oil can help treat illnesses connected to the nervous system, and this includes headaches.

Most importantly, the chemical compounds in peppermint, which treat migraines and headaches, are best preserved in the plant’s essential oil. 

There are two ways to use peppermint essential oil to fight migraines:

1. Add a few drops of the oil to your fingertips and gently rub the oil into your temples.  If someone else is helping you, you could use the oil for a full-blown head massage, which will help alleviate tension, and nourish your hair follicles all at the same time (yes, peppermint oil is excellent for your hair and nails too!)

2. Or, if touching your head when you're in migraine-mode is the worst thing you can think of, use, and essential oil diffuser.  The vapors will permeate through your cardiovascular system, helping to oxidize your blood while also promoting better blood flow, which is a critical component in migraine treatment.

Peppermint oil is a great way to treat headaches and migraines, but it's also an excellent way to prevent dizziness, headaches, and general malaise.  

As a natural anti-oxidant, the compounds that help peppermint fight headaches are also the compounds that invigorate and energize people. It helps people who suffer from fatigue or general malaise too! Peppermint Essential Oil is a perfect, all-natural "pick-me-up" for people.

Stop feeling lethargic.  Stop fearing the next migraine.  Start feeling energized, refreshed, and ready to take on the day, on your terms.  Embrace the power of peppermint oil.

To get high-quality, organic peppermint essential oil, try Bargz Essential Oils.  Stay healthy, the all-natural way.


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