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How to Use Rose Hydrosol on a Hot Compress

By Bargz Oils January 06, 2020


Things you will need:

1 cup rose hydrosol

Small absorbent cloth or towel

Small bowl

Hot water


Do you know the benefits of a hot compress?

               A hot or warm compress is a simple yet effective remedy that dates back to ancient times. The placement of hot compress is an easy home treatment for various ailments and body condition. A hot compress is a popular and common form of heat therapy. It can accelerate the healing process of the body. With hot compress, the skin softens and becomes more receptive to treatment. When you apply heat to a part of your body, your blood flow increases, bringing along proteins and oxygen.

               Rose hydrosol is a perfect addition or replacement for water in a hot compress since hydrosols are water-based. It can easily be mixed with water. Using rose hydrosol makes an excellent anti-inflammatory compress. It also gives a soothing and calming relief along with its healing benefits. Rose hydrosol also has a wonderful scent.


1. Fill a small bowl with hot water. Make sure the bowl is big enough to dip the cloth.

2. Add 1 cup of rose hydrosol or more if you prefer. 

3. Dip your clean absorbent cloth or towel into the infusion of hot water and rose hydrosol.

4. Wring out and place cloth onto the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat as needed.


1. A hot compress can help relax muscles and tissues, thus relieving pain and soreness. 

2. A hot compress can treat joint pain, nerve pain, muscle aches, injuries, and some local infections. 

3. A hot compress can help reduce inflammation and relieve congestion. 

4. A hot compress can provide a warm, comforting sensation on stiff muscles.

5. A hot compress can ease stress and tension throughout the body.


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