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How to Use Rose Hydrosol on a Cold Compress

By Bargz Oils January 07, 2020


Things you will need:

1 cup rose hydrosol


Small bowl

Small towel

Sealable plastic bag


Do you want to boost the effects of your cold compress?

               Cold compress, just like hot compress can provide relief to your body. A cold compress is an example of cold therapy. You can use frozen or chilled material like an ice pack or a cool, wet washcloth. 

               A cold compress can aid in the treatment of minor injuries, fevers, headaches, eye pain or allergies. It also works great on short-term pain like a sprain or a strain because the cold eases pain by numbing the area. A cold compress can help lower the temperature of the part of the body where cold compress is applied while reducing pain and swelling. Furthermore, applying a cold compress can limit blood flow to the area which reduces bleeding, inflammation, and bruising. 

               There are different kinds of cold compress that you can buy at the store. Ice bags can be filled with ice at home to make a quick cold compress. Some first aid kits include a chemical pack that freezes when broken. Making your own cold compress at home is pretty easy. Ice is the basic thing you need. You can use ice bags of frozen vegetables for a cold compress in an emergency. 

               To enhance your cold compress, you can add rose hydrosol to the water that you will use. You can also opt to use rose hydrosol instead of water. Rose hydrosol is water-based and can be cooled or frozen. It has great anti-inflammatory properties that can definitely enhance the healing effects of your cold compress. The floral scent of rose hydrosol can also ease stress and tension.



1. Mix water and rose hydrosol in a bowl.

2. Dampen the towel with the infusion.

3. Fold the towel and place it in the plastic bag.

4. Place the bag in the freezer for 15 minutes.

5. Remove the bag from the freezer and put the cold towel on the affected area. 

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