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How to Use Fragrance Oil in an Oil Burner

By Bargz Oils August 09, 2019

Fragrance oils can be used in many different ways to add scent in our lives. Many beauty and home products are enhanced by fragrance. Another fabulous way to enjoy fragrance is using an oil burner.

An oil burner is a simple and inexpensive way to diffuse fragrance oils. To diffuse means to disperse the scent or aroma into the air. Using an oil burner is one of the most popular ways of using fragrance oils. It is more versatile than a scented candle because an oil burner allows for different selections of fragrances. 

There are different sizes and varieties of oil burners. But the standard features of oil burners include a bowl to hold the water and oil and the tea light candle placed underneath the bowl. The bowl can be made of copper of porcelain. Most, if not all oil burners, are aesthetically pleasing since they can be decorative items as well. 

Oil burners are great because they can be used pretty much anywhere. They can be used in any part of the house. Oil burners can also be used in the office as long as your colleagues approve of it. They are also perfect for salons, spas, massage centers, yoga studios, and other health and wellness centers. Oil burners can be used anywhere as long as there is a safe and stable place to put it on, away from any fire hazard. 

Using an oil burner is as easy as ABC.

1. Choose your fragrance oil. Pick a scent that you enjoy or a scent that suits your mood and the ambiance that you want to create. Three of our most popular fragrances are Lick Me All OverEat It Raw and One Night Stand. They have a lavish, long-lasting scent, perfect for an oil burner. 

2. Fill the bowl of the oil burner with water, maybe half to two-thirds full. 

3. Using a dropper, add the fragrance oil. For a small bowl, add 3 to 5 drops. For a medium bowl, add 5 to 8 drops and for a large bowl, add 7 to 10 drops. You don’t have to add a lot of fragrance oil because you can always add more later.

4. Light the tea candle at the bottom of the oil burner. The lighted tea candle heats the water and oil mixture in the bowl, creating an aroma. 
5. Pay attention to health and safety. Place the oil burner in a safe and stable place away from fire hazards like curtains. Keep it away from the reach of children as the hot oil and water mixture can cause burns.

Using fragrance oil in an oil burner is a great way to enhance and improve the fragrance of our home and our surroundings. It helps us feel good. When our environment smells good, it brings a smile on our face and uplifts our mood and spirit. 

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