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How to Use Essential Oils Safely

By Bargz Oils December 02, 2019

Do you want some tips on how to safely use essential oils?

               Essential oils are the “essence” extracted from plants. They contain aromatic compounds that are beneficial, especially in aromatherapy. These plant extracts are used to support health and well-being. 

               Essential oils are potent and highly concentrated. They are generally safe but can also be harmful if not used correctly and properly. It’s important to know and to follow essential oil safety to fully enjoy the many benefits they can give. 


1. Always dilute essential oils before applying. Pure essential oils are too strong to use straight on the skin. Carrier oils can be used to dilute essential oils. Water and vegetable oil can also be used. Be sure to dilute all essential oils adequately. 

2. Avoid rubbing essential oils just anywhere you want. Essential oils are safe to apply on the hands, arms, legs and other body parts but they may not be safe to put inside your mouth, nose, eyes, and genital areas. Always be careful where you apply them. 

3. Check the quality of the essential oil before purchasing. Choose a trusted producer or brand that makes pure oils without anything added. You may have allergic reactions to oils that contain other ingredients. 

4. Like any other skincare products, it is important to test an essential oil first before using it. Apply a little bit on a small area and observe how your skin will respond. If you don’t have any negative reaction, then you can use the essential oil that you have just tested.

5. As a general rule, discard oils that are more than 3 years old. Older oils may not work as well and could cause irritation or an allergic reaction. They are also more likely to become spoiled because they have been exposed to oxygen. If the way the oil smells and looks changes, then it is better to throw it out than risk using it. 

6. If you are taking prescriptions, medicines or treatments, consult first with your doctor before using essential oils. This is just to be sure that it is safe, to rule out side effects and to make sure the oil does not affect your prescriptions.

7. Don’t use essential oil on damaged skin. If you do, the injured or inflamed skin will absorb more oil, causing unwanted skin reactions and most probably pain. 

8. Before using essential oils on a baby, consult with a pediatrician first. Young children and the elderly may be more sensitive to essential oils. Take extra care when planning to use essential oils on these age groups. You may need to dilute them more and be aware of the essential oils that can be used and should not be used for children and for the elderly. 

9. Essential oils should not be taken internally unless with the guidance of a qualified practitioner. Essential oils are highly concentrated and have risks when ingested.

10. Because essential oils are potent it is a common saying that less is more. Do not overdo the use of essential oils. A few drops are usually enough. The same rule applies in diffusion. Add only a few drops and diffuse for around 30 to 45 minutes in a well-ventilated space. 

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