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How to Use an Ultrasonic Diffuser

By Bargz Oils November 25, 2019


Things you will need:

Ultrasonic diffuser

Essential oils

- water


               Diffusion is one popular way to reap the benefits of essential oils. In the process of diffusion, the aromatic molecules of essential oils are dispersed into the air. In this way, the room or space is filled with natural fragrance and people inhale the healing benefits of essential oils. 

               There are different ways of diffusing essential oils. Essential oils can be diffused by using heat, wind or natural air. There are also electrical devices called diffusers that can be bought and used to diffuse essential oils. Among the many types of essential oil diffusers, the ultrasonic diffuser is the most popular one. 

               Ultrasonic diffusers use water and ultrasonic waves to diffuse essential oils into the air as negative ions. The ultrasonic vibrations or waves break down the essential oils into microparticles, allowing the oil to be dispersed as a very fine mist, mixed with steam, into the air. Ultrasonic diffusers do not use heat that is why the quality of the oil is fully preserved when dispersed into the air. 

               Ultrasonic diffusers can also function as a humidifier because it uses water as part of the dispersal process. It also works without creating a lot of noise. It runs quietly, making it ideal for relaxing, sleeping and working. Most ultrasonic diffusers available are aesthetic as well. Some are multifunctional as they can function as a lamp and an alarm clock. 



1. Fill the reservoir of the diffuser with water until the maximum line. Use room temperature, clean tap water. Most diffusers have a fill line on the inside of the water reservoir. Some have a measuring cup to fill up and then add to the reservoir. Always refer to the manual of the diffuser for the recommended water amount before using the diffuser for the first time. Do not overfill the diffuser. 

2. Add 3 to 10 drops of essential oil into the water. You can use one type of essential oil or you can blend together different essential oils. You may want to add more drops if you want a stronger scent. 

3. Place the cap or top of the diffuser back on. Turn the device on and set the features you would like if the diffuser has any options. 

4. Relax and enjoy the aroma being dispersed into the room. Your body will absorb the healing benefits of essential oils as you inhale. 


1. Diffusing essential oils like lavender essential oil can reduce stress, relieve anxiety and promote good sleep. 

2. Using an ultrasonic diffuser does not pose the fire risk that candles do. It also does not use heat that can alter the composition or quality of the essential oil. 

3. Research has shown that diffusing peppermint essential oil can curb or control appetite and can also increase energy.

4. Essential oil diffusion can also purify the air. Many essential oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, and frankincense have antibacterial and antiviral properties. They can freshen and purify the air at the same time when diffused. 

5. Because an ultrasonic diffuser uses water, it can act as a humidifier thus, it can help in decongestion and mucus control. Diffusing eucalyptus essential oil is best for these concerns. 

6. Adding a few drops of rosemary essential oil to your diffuser can improve cognitive function and can help in boosting focus.

7. Many people enjoy using diffusers because of the fragrant smells of essential oils such as lavender, orange, and other essential oils. 


               There is still a long list of benefits of essential oil diffusion. Experiment on using different essential oils in your diffuser and see how your life will change. 

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