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How to Treat Sore Earlobes with Tea Tree Essential Oil

By Bargz Oils January 02, 2020


The thing you will need:

Tea tree essential oil


Are your earlobes sore and infected after getting them pierced?

               Having your ear pierced can be fun although it can hurt at first. After having your ears pierced, you can wear any earrings that you want. However, there are cases when the earlobes get infected. A pierced ear infection has redness and swelling around the earlobe. There can also be tenderness and yellow discharge. 

               These infections are commonly caused by piercing the ears with unsterile equipment, using unsterile posts or frequently touching the earlobes with dirty hands. Sometimes, the earrings are too tight. Tight earrings prevent the air from entering the channel through the earlobe. The pressure from tight earrings also reduces blood flow to the earlobe. This makes the earlobe more vulnerable to infection. Some cheap earrings may have rough areas on the posts that can result in infection. 


1. Get your earlobes pierced by a professional and with sterile technique and equipment.

2. Avoid touching your earrings except when inserting or removing them. Dirty fingers can easily contaminate the area.

3. Clean your earrings, posts, and earlobes with rubbing alcohol before inserting them.  

4. Avoid pressure and provide air space on your earlobes by applying the clasps loosely.

5. Clean your cellphone and other phones you use with disinfectant because they come in contact with your ears.

6. Get rid of posts with rough spots.

7. Remove your earrings at bedtime to expose the channel to air during the night.

               If your earlobes get sore or swollen because of cheap earrings or because of new piercings, you can use tea tree essential oil for immediate relief.


1. If you are wearing earrings, remove then. 

2. Make sure the infected area is clean.

3. Apply one drop of tea tree essential oil on the infected area.

               Continue this treatment until the infection seems cleared. See a healthcare provider if the infection does not improve after 48 hours of treatment.

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