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How to Remove Gum From Hair Using Coconut Oil

By Bargz Oils December 23, 2019


The thing you will need:


Do you panic because you don’t know what to do with the gum stuck in your hair?

               Having gum stuck in your hair is not only frustrating - it’s a nightmare! Gum sticks pretty well on hair and it seems that the only way to take it out is to cut your hair. But who wants to have uneven hair or bald spots? 

               People chew gum for many reasons. It can be because of boredom, anxiety or stress. Chewing gum seems to be relaxing for some. Mint-flavored gums are often chewed to freshen the breath or to relieve nausea. Sweet gums are fun and enjoyable, especially for children.

               Chewing gum often or regularly can have negative impacts on your health. Here are some of the negative effects of excessive chewing of gum. 


1. Chewing gum too much can increase the amount of plaque buildup on teeth. Most chewing gums contain sugar that can cause tooth decay and cavities. 

2. One common side effect of excessive gum chewing is called temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ. It affects the jaw. TMJ causes pain when you chew your food and other activities that need jaw movement. 

3. Excessive gum chewing can cause headaches because of the constant compression in your jaw. 

4. Chewing gum for a long time, you can feel bloating and an upset stomach. When you chew gum, you swallow air and your stomach gets filled with unwanted gas.


               Chewing gum can be fun but harmful when it becomes a habit. When you chew gum it is important to dispose of it properly. It is important to wrap bubble gum with paper or tissue before throwing it out. It will prevent the gum from sticking onto surfaces or objects. It can be annoying and troublesome when gums stick on things. It is more frustrating when chewing gum gets stuck onto your hair. It’s very difficult to remove gum from hair because it sticks well to the strands. Sometimes, the only option is to cut the hair around the troubled area. 


               However, it doesn’t need to come to that. You can use coconut oil to save your hair from the damages of chewing gum. Here’s how:


1. Scoop up a small amount of coconut oil.

2. Work it into the hair around the gum.

3. The gum will get slippery and lose its grip so you can pull it right out.

               It’s actually very easy and simple. So now, you don’t need to worry anymore it chewing gum accidentally gets stuck in your hair. What’s more, is that coconut oil can moisturize and nourish your hair. Coconut oil is also safe to use for children 3 years old and above. 

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