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How to Make Your Cat Stress-Free Naturally

By Bargz Oils October 08, 2019



Cats, just like dogs and other animals, are unique animal species. It simply follows that they have a unique metabolism, different from other species. One good example is that cats have less ability to metabolize an enzyme called glucuronyl transferase compared to other animals. This makes cats more susceptible to all kinds of toxicity like plants, chocolates, pesticides, and essential oils. It is important to understand though that cats can metabolize and break down these things but at a much slower pace than humans and other animals. In simple terms, cats take much longer to eliminate a drug in their body compared to a dog or a horse. Cats are popular pets because they are adorable and they have unique personalities. Cats are known as independent animals. They don’t depend much on their owners aside from their basic needs of food, water, and clean litter box. Cats are content being alone for long hours during the day. They are more active in the evenings and they also enjoy short games and a nice back scratch from their owners. 

               This is the reason why using essential oil for cats is still debatable and should be done with extreme care and caution. Essential oil safety experts recommend the following when using essential oils for cats:

1. Only a few essential oils are safe to use for cats. These include but are not limited to cedarwood, frankincense, geranium, and rosemary

2. Essential oils cannot and should not be ingested by cats. 

3. Always dilute essential oils heavily for cats. As a general and safe rule, use only one drop per one tablespoon of carrier oil for topical use. 

4. Do not use essential oils on your cat every day. Occasional or sporadic use of essential oils is safer for cats.

5. Observe your pet cat carefully when using oils. Watch out for strange or uncommon behavior. 

6. It has been reported that some veterinarians say diffusing is one of the safer options for using essential oils because the oils are mixed in with water vapor. 

7. When diffusing, do not confine your cat. Make sure your cat has a way to leave the room if it's too much for them.

               Cats are sensitive to their environment and they don’t do well with changes. They can feel stressed when you move to a new home or do home repairs. New family members or new pets can also cause them anxiety. Overstimulation from noise and from extreme weather conditions also cause a great deal of stress for cats. A stressed and anxious cat may be irritable and hard to deal with. 

               Frankincense essential oil is one of the few essential oils that are generally safe to use for cats. It is popular for its calming, uplifting and centering benefits. Frankincense essential oil is the perfect way to make your pet cat stress-free in a natural way. Diffusing a few drops of frankincense essential oil can calm you and your cat in stressful situations. Spend time together on the couch and give your cat a belly rub or a back scratch while breathing in the diffused aroma of frankincense essential oil. Both you and your beloved cat will be stress-free naturally. 

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