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How to Make Reusable Dust Wipes

By Bargz Oils November 06, 2019


Things you will need:

2 cups distilled water

25 drops lemongrass essential oil

2 tablespoons sunflower oil 

1 tablespoon white vinegar

Mixing bowl and spoon

Airtight container with lid

Flour sack towels


    Do you want a convenient way to wipe off the dust from household surfaces?

                   Dust wipes are a must-have at home. They are not ordinary cleaning materials. Dust wipes are designed to trap dust and other common allergens at homes such as pet dander, dust mite, and pest matter. They are better than feather dusters because of feather dusters simply move dust from one place to another. 

                   Different kinds of dust wipes can be bought from stores. However, there are high chances that they contain harmful cleaning chemicals such as bleach. Also, most of them are disposable and clearly not good for the environment. 

                   You can easily make reusable dust wipes using natural ingredients. Not only are they safe. But since they are reusable, you don’t produce a lot of trash, thus helping the environment. 

                   For this project, it is best to use a flour sack towel. Flour sack towels have been used for a long time and they are very common kitchen items. They are usually a large piece of cloth or linen. They are versatile, large in size and durable. Flour sack towels are usually cut up and used as towels, polishing cloths, pillowcases, and even for apparel. The best thing about flour sacks is that they are super absorbent and have the ability to dry fast. They are the best choice when drying dishes, hands, and countertops because they can clean without leaving behind any lint. 

    Lemongrass essential oil is good for cleaning. It gives a fresh, clean scent. Lemongrass also has germ-fighting properties that can keep your house safe and clean. 


    1. Cut flour sack towels into your preferred size for wiping. 

    2. In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients - distilled water, lemongrass oilsunflower oil, and white vinegar. Mix well with a spoon.

    3. Add around 5 towels and let them soak in the liquid mixture.

    4. Take out the towels one at a time and using your hands, press until the towel is damp and no more moisture comes out.

    5. Roll up the towels and store them in an air-tight container. 

    6. Use them to wipe the dust off from surfaces or any household item.

                     You can keep reusing these dust wipes. Wash the used towels and re-apply the ingredients. 

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