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How to Make Homemade Spray Deodorant

By Bargz Oils October 18, 2019


Things you will need: 

- ¼ cup witch hazel
Spray bottle


Do you want to get rid of body odor in a natural way?

               It’s natural to sweat. You sweat all the time, don’t you? You sweat when you are hot, nervous, you even sweat more when you exercise or do other strenuous activities. Sweating is your body’s way of regulating the temperature inside. Sweating is actually good for you because it prevents your body from overheating. Your body cools down when the air touches your sweaty skin and dries up the moisture.

               On the other hand, sweating also usually causes body odor. It happens when sweat mixes with the natural bacteria on your skin. Some parts of your body have the most sweat glands so they sweat more. These are the underarms, palms, bottom of the feet and between the legs. The sweat glands on these body parts also become more active during puberty. This, plus the hormonal changes cause body odor. 

               Taking regular showers or baths is the best way to prevent body odor. Keeping every part of the body clean using water and soap is important since body odor is caused by a mix of bacteria and sweat. Most people also use deodorants. Deodorants are used to control and cover up the bad smell. Deodorants can be in the form of a spray, stick, powder, roll-ons or gels. However, most deodorants contain harmful ingredients such as aluminum, parabens, triclosan and many other chemicals. Some of these toxins are linked to cancer. 

               Fortunately, you can make your own deodorant using natural ingredients. You can avoid applying harmful ingredients on your body. A homemade spray deodorant is very easy and simple to make. It only has 4 simple yet powerful natural ingredients. 



1. Pour ¼ cup witch hazel into the spray bottle.

2. Add 20 drops each of frankincense, lavender and orange essential oils.

3. Mix well and spray on your underarms. 


1. It is non-toxic because only natural ingredients are used. There are no harmful chemicals used in this homemade spray deodorant.

2. The essential oils smell amazing and definitely make the underarms or other body parts smell amazing too. 

3. This homemade spray deodorant promotes breast health. Frankincense is believed to have the ability to fight cancer. Also, this homemade spray deodorant does not use aluminum, parabens, and triclosan which are linked to breast cancer. 

4. The antibacterial properties of frankincense, lavender and orange essential oils kill bacteria naturally, therefore killing the odor as well.

5. The spray does not stain clothes nor cause darkening of the underarms. 

6. This is a versatile oil, not only for the underarms but can be sprayed on other body parts that need deodorizing. 

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