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How to Make Homemade Fabric Softener Spray

By Bargz Oils November 07, 2019


Things you will need:

Glass spray bottle

16 ounces white vinegar

15 drops lavender essential oil


Do you want soft and fresh-smelling clothes?

               We all love a pile of fresh-smelling clean clothes. That’s why we use different kinds of products in our laundry like detergents, fabric softeners, dryer balls, and dryer sheets. But usually, these products that we use in our laundry contain chemicals, additives and synthetic fragrances that cause harm to our body and to the environment. These chemicals touch our skin and get inhaled through our nose. They may cause allergies and other health concerns. Synthetic fragrances can also cause headaches and nausea. On the other hand, dryer sheets are really bad for the environment. According to reports, billions of dryer sheets end up in landfills every year. 

                There is another method of fabric that is very convenient and environment-friendly. It is called fabric softener spray. A fabric softener is a liquid softener that is sprayed directly onto the wet clothes before drying. The softener is dispersed throughout the load as the dryers heats and the clothes tumble inside the dryer. 

               You can make your own natural fabric softener at home. One of the advantages of making homemade fabric softener spray is that there are only two ingredients and they are most probably available in your home. It’s also very easy to do and to use. Since you are using natural ingredients, they are perfectly safe for your health and for the environment. Also, you can choose the scent that you prefer using essential oils. 

               The vinegar in this spray is the natural softening agent. Vinegar dissolves hard water buildup without leaving any residue behind. If you want a floral scent for your clothes, you can use lavender essential oil. The smell of this oil is also very soothing. Peppermint essential oil gives an invigorating boost. Eucalyptus essential oil gives a fresh, clean scent. You can also try other essential oils to see which scent works best for your clothes. 


1. Add lavender essential oil to a glass spray bottle.

2. Fill the remaining space with warm white vinegar and shake well.

3. Spray over wet clothes before drying. (5 sprays for a small load, 10 sprays for a medium load and 15 sprays for a large load)

4. Dry clothes completely. 

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