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How to Make Homemade Body Mist Using All Night Long Fragrance Oil

By Bargz Oils August 30, 2019


Things you will need:

- 1 cup distilled water
- ½ cup witch hazel
- 10 oz spray bottle


 Perfumes are great but there are times when we just want to have a refreshing, light scent. Body mists or body sprays are regarded as the lightest forms of perfume. Like perfumes, you can apply it to your skin. All kinds of perfumes, including body mists, have fragrance oils in them. However, the main difference between a perfume and a body mist is that the latter has a fewer amount of fragrance oil. 

Body mists have a tamer, softer and lighter scent. You can use a body mist when you don’t want to make a bold statement. A body mist won’t announce your presence in the same way as perfume will. The scent of the body mist would rather give a subtle hint. However, the scent doesn’t last long. It would probably last for 2 to 3 hours. So, when you are using a body mist, you will need to re-apply throughout the day. The refreshing effect though is well worth the extra effort. 

               Body mists are not meant to replace your perfume. Rather, they are complementary scents. Body mists provide a light and fresh touch that works perfectly with your signature scent. Think of it as a touch-up at any time of the day to keep yourself feeling fresh. 

               Designers use the same fragrance oils in perfumes but dilute them with more water an sometimes alcohol to soften the overall scent. The addition of water and alcohol gives what the name suggests, a light and airy mist. Just enough fragrance oils are used to attach itself to the skin but diluted enough not to overpower. Because the fragrance oil is diluted in water, the value of money is one of the main reasons why using a body mist is a popular choice. 

               The subtle scent of a body mist is perfect for any occasion. It’s suitable for school, for work, after a workout or any social occasion. The subtle scent is refreshing especially in the summer. 

               Another good thing about body mists is that they are versatile. Aside from spraying the body mist on your body, you can also spray it on the things that you want to refresh with a new scent. Some use body mists on their pillows, blankets or cushions around the house. You can spray and add scent to greeting cards, stationery or invitations. There are really endless options on how to use a body mist. 

Making your own body mist at home is fun, simple and also a money-saver. Here’s how:

1. Carefully pour 1 cup of distilled water and ½ cup witch hazel into a spray bottle. Distilled water is recommended because tap water may contain some minerals that may alter the desired results. Witch hazel is the perfect substitute for rubbing alcohol or vodka which are commonly used in commercial body sprays. Witch hazel has health benefits for the skin as well. 

2. Add 20 drops of All Night Long Fragrance Oil. This new fragrance oil has a sweet and evocative scent, captivating and sensuous with a tropical touch. 

3. Shake well before every use. Spray and enjoy a new refreshing scent!

               It’s amazing how you can use fragrance oils in many ways. The best thing about making your own body mist is knowing that you’re using natural, non-toxic ingredients on your skin and the best fragrance oil. 

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