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How to Make Essential Oil Roll-On Blend for Cracked Heels

By Bargz Oils September 02, 2019

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Our daily activities involve the movement of our feet. We stand, walk and run. All these require the different parts of our feet to work together. Specifically, the heel keeps us stable while we are upright. The heel also distributes our body weight and other compressive forces over the rest of the foot. The everyday task that the heel has to endure can definitely take its toll and the most popular heel problem is cracked heel. 

What are cracked heels?

               Cracked heels usually happen when the sensitive skin at the bottom of the feet becomes too dry. Because of the dryness, the skin gradually splits. If left untreated or ignored, these splits deepen into fissures all around the heel. These fissures can become quite painful and can cause discomfort. Cracked heels can also lead to serious fungal and bacterial infections. Aside from these, rough fissures are unsightly and can lessen the confidence to show off your feet. 

What causes cracked heels?

Lack of moisture
The most common cause of cracked heels is lack of moisture. The skin around the heel area is naturally dry, rough and easily chapped. Without proper moisturization and hydration, the feet become extremely dry, thus causing fissures. 

Standing for long hours or consistently putting weight and pressure on the feet also causes cracks and fissures. 

Aging skin
With age, the skin loses elasticity. The skin becomes thicker, scalier and more prone to cracks and fissures. 

If proper hygiene and cleanliness are not practiced, calluses and build-up of dead cells can cause cracked heels. 

Hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils and moisture. Soaking the feet for a long time in saunas and hot tubs can cause cracks on heels and stimulate infection.

Ill-fitting footwear
Shoes that don’t fit perfectly can cause aches, blisters and too much rubbing. These can cause cracks to develop.

How can we prevent cracked heels?

- Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. 
- Avoid standing in one position for a long time. 
- Avoid being on your feet all day. 
- Remove calluses and avoid skin thickening by using a pumice stone once or twice a week after showering. 
- Wear sturdy, wide shoes that provide enough cushioning and support.

How can we use essential oils to heal cracked heels?

               Essential oils can be used to provide extra care and attention to our heels. With the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and many other properties of essential oils, they can give healing benefits to cracked heels. Essential oils can heal bleeding cracks, lower inflammation, moisturize dry heels, exfoliate dead skin cells, prevent infection and many more. 

               One way to use essential oils for cracked heels is making a roll-on blend for cracked heels. Simply put, essential oils are mixed together in a roller bottle to provide quick healing to cracked heels. 

What essential oils can we use for our roll-on blend for cracked heels?

Tea Tree 
Because of its antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree essential oil can be used to clean, disinfect and treat cracks and fissures. 
Lavender can soothe skin irritation and reduce inflammation. It can boost the healing of minor skin cracks. 

This oil is perfect for treating skin irritation, inflammation, and cracking. Peppermint can also soothe severe itching caused by bleeding cracks on the heel.

Jojoba jas anti-inflammatory properties that can help tame chaffing and chapping. It is also a good carrier oil that is absorbed by the skin easily. 

How can we make an essential oils roll-on blend for quick healing of cracked heels?

1. Pop off the roller ball on the bottle.
2. Add the Tea TreeLavender and Peppermint drop by drop.
3. Top off with the Jojoba oil.
4. Place the roller ball back firmly and close it well. 
5. Shake thoroughly to mix up all the ingredients.

6. Roll onto clean and dry cracked heels every night before bed. 

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