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How to Make Aromatherapy Candles

By Bargz Oils January 09, 2020


Things you will need:

100 drops of your favorite essential oil

6 cups soy wax flakes

Natural cotton wicks

Mason jars

Wood stirrer

Sticks for securing wicks



Do you like using aromatherapy candles?

               Candles were first used as a source of light. Over time, people discovered many different uses and benefits of candles. Today, aromatherapy candles are popular for their scents and therapeutic properties. They have become the perfect decorations, gifts, and air fresheners. Many people collect aromatherapy candles that come in all sizes, shapes and of course, scents!

               Aromatherapy candles are made with essential oils. This makes them very different from scented candles that use synthetic fragrance. Aromatherapy candles are made to provide well-being to the body, mind and, spirit. Different essential oils have different properties. You can choose the aromatherapy candle that you will use based on how you feel or what you need. Here is a list of the most popular essential oils used in aromatherapy candles. 


1. Lavender is popular for its soothing and relaxing scent. It is used in many bath, body and home products because of its pleasing smell. Lavender has the ability to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. 

2. Orange and other citrus scents are known to brighten the mood and promote positivity. It can also give the air a fresh, clean scent.

3. Eucalyptus has a minty and uplifting smell. It is also usually used to help decongest the nose and gives relief from cold, sinusitis and allergies. 

4. Peppermint is a scent that is very familiar to most. It can relieve muscle pain and headaches. Peppermint is also an energy booster. 

5. Lemongrass has a scent that can drive away mosquitoes and other bugs. It can also clean and freshen the air.

6. Frankincense is good for meditation and religious activities. It promotes peace and tranquility. 

               It’s easy to make homemade aromatherapy candles. You can use your favorite essential oil and customize the shape and size of the candle you prefer. Decorate your candles for your space or give them out to your family and friends. 


1. Over low to medium heat, melt soy wax in a pot. Stir occasionally to avoid burning.

2. Once melted, wait for about 5 minutes before adding lavender essential oil or any other oil you like.

3. Use a bit of wax to anchor the wicks to the bottom of the mason jars.

4. Use sticks to secure the wicks in an upright position.

5. Pour the wax into the mason jars and let stand for about 1 hour or until in solid form.

6. Cut the wick to your desired length.

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