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How to Make a Simple Natural Vapor Rub

By Bargz Oils September 12, 2019


Things you will need:


Vapor rub, also known as a chest rub or cold rub is mentholated topical petroleum-based gel. It was originally formulated by Vicks as its signature product known as VapoRub. Today, vapor rubs or cold rubs are manufactured by other pharmaceutical companies under different brand names. Vapor rubs are generally formulated to help with minor medical conditions such as congestion and to alleviate common symptoms of cough and the common cold. Vapor rub is applied on the chest and throat to allow the vapor to reach the nose and mouth. 

               The active ingredients of vapor rubs are camphor, menthol, spirits of turpentine, oil of eucalyptus, cedarwood, nutmeg, and thymol. Some of the ingredients used in commercially sold vapor rubs are synthetic. If you are promoting the use of natural ingredients at home, you can make your own vapor rub using natural ingredients. Many people are now choosing essential oils to replace the chemicals and toxic ingredients found in many commercial products. 

               For a simple natural vapor rub, you will be using natural ingredients and essential oils that have amazing health benefits. It is very safe and does not cause any harmful side effects. Tea Tree Essential Oil has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that can help fight common diseases. Eucalyptus essential oil is a needed ingredient in vapor rubs. The cooling and healing scent of Eucalyptus Essential Oil is known to clear nasal passages and relieve congestion. Eucalyptus Essential Oil is a popular natural decongestant that aids the respiratory system. 

Follow these simple steps to make your own natural homemade vapor rub:

1. Melt the Coconut oil and Jojoba Oil in a small pan. 

2. Add the chopped or granulated beeswax and stir until melted.

3. Add the Tea Tree Essential Oil and the Eucalyptus Essential Oil and stir well.

4. Pour the thick mixture into a 4-oz glass jar and allow it to cool. 

                   You can store this vapor rub in the fridge to further solidify the mixture and to boost its cooling effect. However, it is better to seal it completely or wrap it in plastic to make sure the taste and smell do not affect the food items in the fridge. If you prefer the soft texture, you can just store the jar in the medicine cabinet or in a cool, dry place. 

                   This natural vapor rub is very simple to make yet you can use it in many different ways. It does more than relieving symptoms of cough and cold. Here is a list of the other benefits you can get from your homemade vapor rub.

    1. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the essential oils can treat insect bites. Apply a bit of vapor rub on the affected area to soothe the swelling and itching caused by insect bites.

    2. The cooling and moisturizing properties of the oil can soothe cracked heels. Slather your feet with vapor rub and put your socks on before going to sleep. 

    3. Applying this on your feet can also treat athlete’s foot because of the antifungal properties of the oils. Many people also believe that rubbing and massaging vapor rub on the feet, especially of children can effectively reduce the symptoms of cough and cold. It also promotes quality sleep.

    4. Dabbing vapor rub onto your temples can relieve headaches. The cooling sensation of the oils can soothe the nervous system during a headache or migraine attack. 

    5. This vapor rub can also be applied and massaged on sore muscles. This can soothe and relieve the pain in muscles, joints, and tendons. 

                     It’s amazing how much you can do with a simple natural vapor rub. Why don’t you make more and decorate the jars to give out to your friends and loved ones? They would surely appreciate it a lot. You will also be promoting all-natural products and spreading your love through essential oils. 

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