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How to Make a Muscle Pain Relief Roller Blend

By Bargz Oils December 13, 2019


Things you will need: 

7 drops peppermint essential oil

7 drops lavender essential oil

7 drops frankincense essential oil

Carrier oil like jojoba oil

10 mL roller bottle


Do you want to have a roller bottle blend that can soothe your muscle pains?

               Anyone can experience muscle pains. It is common in adults and even children. Most of the time, sore and aching muscles are really nothing to worry about. In time, they usually go away. The medical term for muscle aches is myalgia. We can feel muscle aches and pains in any part of our body that has muscles. Myalgia ranges from mild to extremely severe, depending on the cause and condition. 


1. Too much physical activity is the common cause of muscle pains. Overdoing exercise or doing strenuous physical activities can lead to stiff, sore muscles. If you are not used to exercising and you suddenly tried a new exercise, there are high chances to feel muscle pain. Exercising intensely and for longer than usual can also cause muscle pain. It is important to warm up and stretch properly before doing intense physical activities.


2. Injuries like strains and sprains can cause not only discomfort but also muscle pain. The injured part of the body becomes stiff and aches. Muscle soreness can also occur when you pull your muscles.


3. People who are stressed and not feeling well can also experience muscle pain as the body struggles to fight inflammation or infection. When you are stressed, it’s harder for your body to fight off diseases. 


4. Dehydration can also cause muscle pains. Without adequate fluids, it is difficult for the body to function properly. If you are dehydrated, breathing and digestion can become more difficult. 


5. Lack of sleep and nutrition can severely affect the body. A weak person can feel muscle pains and aches because it is hard for the body to carry out daily tasks. A person who does not have enough food and sleep will feel sluggish and will not have energy.


               Simple muscle pains and aches can be relieved by over-the-counter medications. However, taking OTCs can cause some side effects. Choosing a natural method is the best option when dealing with muscle pains. Essential oils can be used effectively to soothe muscle pains. These oils are great for massages those pains away. Most essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve the soreness of the muscles. Essential oils also promote relaxation, calmness, and wellness.


1. In a roller bottle, add the essential oils - peppermint, lavender, and frankincense.

2. Fill the rest of the bottle with jojoba oil or another preferred carrier oil and shake well.

3. Roll on any part of the body where you are experiencing muscle pains. 

               This muscle pain relief roller blend is very handy because you can bring it with you anywhere and you can apply it on your skin safely any time you need it. Simply roll on the body and massage lightly. You can also enjoy the relaxing scent of this oil blend. 

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