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How to Make a Fragrance Oil Foot Scrub

By Bargz Oils August 06, 2019

After a long day of wearing shoes, walking, running around and working, our feet get so tired. Not only, that, but they also become dry, dull and worn out. In time, our feet become flaky and thick. Such a pity, isn’t it? We long for a refreshing foot scrub, spa, massage and other procedures to treat our tired, dry feet. But getting these treatments can be expensive and time-consuming that we intentionally forget about them. 

The good news is we can actually make our own homemade foot scrub. A homemade foot scrub is very easy to make and we can choose our own ingredients. The best part is we can add our favorite fragrance oil!

Let’s find out how to make a homemade fragrance oil foot scrub. 

1. Prepare a container for the foot scrub. An airtight container such as a jar is best to preserve the quality of the foot scrub. A container with a wide mouth is ideal to easily reach into. A 10-oz container is suitable. 



2. Decide on which exfoliant to use. There are different ingredients that can scrub away the dead skin cells in the feet. Exfoliants leave the feet feeling refreshed and silky. Some ideal exfoliants are Epsom salt, sea salt, and sugar. Epsom salt can scrub away dead skin cells, soothe muscles and reduce inflammation. Sea salt has coarse grains, making it perfect for exfoliating dead skin cells and buffing calluses. Sugar has sweet properties and the smoothest grains suitable for tender skin. Prepare 1 cup of the desired exfoliant. 


3. Add carrier oil to the exfoliant. This oil is very important because, without it, the scrub will be dry and harsh which will harm the skin.  Avocado oil  is a great oil for dry, cracked feet because of its moisturizing properties. Add ¼ cup of oil to 1 cup of exfoliant. Stir the mixture slowly until the oil is evenly distributed. 

4. Enhance your foot scrub with fragrance oil. The amount of fragrance oil would depend on how fragrant or aromatic you want your foot scrub to be. Add a few drops at a time, stir and check the fragrance. We highly recommend  One Night Stand  for a lavish fragrance or  Egyptian Musk  for an exquisite, long-lasting aroma. These scents will give a satisfying feeling as you scrub your feet. 
5. Mix everything with a spoon until all the ingredients are well combined. The scrub should be wet and grainy and the fragrance should be as desired. 
6. Transfer the scrub in an air-tight container. Put the lid tightly to prevent the scrub from drying out. Keep in a cool, dry place until ready to use. 

It’s amazingly easy, isn’t it? Pamper your feet with a homemade fragrance oil foot scrub. Try out different fragrances and enjoy the smell of your refreshed feet.  

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