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How to Get Rid of Hiccups Using Peppermint Essential Oil

By Bargz Oils December 24, 2019


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Do you know how to stop annoying hiccups?

               Hiccups are part of life. You can get a hiccup at any point in your life. Most people just consider hiccups as an annoyance. On the other hand, some cultures have their own stories or beliefs about hiccups. There is an old wives’ tale that when you get a hiccup, someone is thinking about you in a bad way. You can stop the hiccups if you are able to guess who it is. There is another superstition that hiccups mean you are cursed with bad luck. Of course, these are all just old folklore and stories.


Although no one really knows why hiccups exist, here are some fun facts about it.

1. Singultus is the medical term for the hiccup. It is a Latin word that means “to catch one’s breath while crying.”According to Medical Student’s Diaries, a hiccup is the involuntary contraction of the diaphragm. 

2. There isn’t any definite cause of hiccups. It can have different causes such as shock, stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, excitement, overeating and a sudden change in temperature. 

3. Anyone can get a hiccup. Babies get more hiccups than adults. Most mammals also get hiccups.

4. A normal hiccup lasts only for a few minutes. But there was a man named Charles Osborne who had hiccups from 1922 to 1960. His hiccups stopped one year before he passed away. 

5. When the diaphragm contracts, it causes a quick intake of air that is immediately cut off by the closing of the vocal cords. This results in a sound that pops out as a hiccup.

6. There are different home remedies for hiccups but not of them are proven to work. These remedies are: drinking water, holding your breath, getting scared and breathing into a paper bag. These home remedies “may help” or “can help” but only a doctor-administered medicine is a sure remedy for hiccups.

               Peppermint essential oil can also help get rid of hiccups. The minty and invigorating scent of peppermint essential oil can help reset your breathing pattern and stop the spasms in the diaphragm. 



1. Dilute 2 drops peppermint essential oil in 1 oz jojoba oil.

2. Rub the oil blend on your palms.

3. Cup your palms near your nose and inhale deeply for a couple of minutes.

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