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How to Diffuse Essential Oils

By Bargz Oils August 27, 2019


Things you will need:

 - 3 to 5 drops of your favorite essential oil
 - Your preferred diffuser


    Diffusion is regarded as the most popular method of using essential oils. When diffusing essential oils or blends of essential oils, the aromatic molecules are dispersed into the air. It is relatively safe for everyone since only a small amount of the essential oil reaches the body during inhalation. The health benefits of essential oils are acquired by breathing in the aromatic molecules dispersed into the air. 

    There are different ways of diffusing essential oils. Choosing the best one boils down to personal choice and the situation. Here is a shortlist of the best ways to diffuse essential oils. 

    1. Diffusing naturally

    This is the simplest way of diffusing essential oils. A few drops of essential oil are added to materials such as cotton, tissue, cloth or porous clay-like terracotta. The scent or the aroma of the essential oil evaporates naturally into the air. This works well in small spaces or close inhalation. It is also very subtle and generally safe for everyone. 

    Using sprays is also a natural way to diffuse since heat nor electricity is not needed. Drops of essential oils are blended with water and stored in a bottle spray. It can be sprayed anytime and anywhere to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. 

    2. Using gentle heat

    Tea light diffusers use gentle heat to diffuse the aromatic vapor of essential oils. A small ceramic bowl or stone container is placed above a tea light candle. Water and drops of essential oils are poured into the bowl and heated by the candle. The steam will disperse the aromatic scent of the essential oils into the air. Tea light diffusers or candle diffusers are affordable and they also come in stylish varieties. This diffuser does not create any sound which makes it perfect for relaxation, meditation and for setting a peaceful mood. 

    3. Using electric diffusers

      There are different types and brands of electric diffusers available in the market. A nebulizer is a device that uses an electric pump to break down the aromatic molecules and sprays the oils out in a fine mist. Water nor heat is not needed. The nebulizer is known to be the most powerful diffuser since it can release around 3 milliliters of oil per hour. For this reason, it is more popularly used in diffusing essential oils that promote good health. 

      Ultrasonic diffusers are also widely used. It is very simple to use. It uses water to create a fine mist of aroma that disperses the essential oil into the air. Only small amounts of essential oils are needed to create just the perfect aroma. Ultrasonic diffusers can also be used as humidifiers. Most of them come in stylish designs and lighting features. 

      Always follow the instructions of the devices or diffusers. The quality of the essential oil also affects the results of diffusion. Be sure to buy quality essential oils. There is no general rule but it is highly recommended to diffuse for 15 to 20 minutes only to fully enjoy the health benefits of essential oils. Be mindful as well of babies and pets when diffusing essential oils. It is not recommended to diffuse essential oil around babies less than 3 months of age. Some essential oils are also toxic to dogs and cats. 

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