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How I Used BrainRelief Essential Oil for Headache Relief

By Bargz Oils February 20, 2019

Nothing interferes with your schedule and wreaks havoc in your day like a throbbing headache. Of course, most of us have had the occasional headache. Statistics show that more than half of the adult population worldwide experience semi-regular headaches. But if it gets so serious that it ruins your productivity and interferes with your daily routine, then it’s something you should take more seriously.

This brings me to my own headache troubles after I changed careers earlier this year. Maybe it was the late nights, the pressing deadlines, or even the traffic jams, but I just couldn’t last a day without a headache somewhere. As much as I could rely on pain relievers, I was worried about the side effects and was desperate for a natural remedy.

Searching for a solution

Although I have used over-the-counter pain medications pretty much my entire life, I have never really been a fan of them because of the known side effects. This is what led me to explore alternative solutions like chiropractic care and essential oils. As a natural living enthusiast, I was more inclined towards the essential oils. I loved the fact that these oils were based on plant sources and could offer multiple benefits.

Enter BrainRelief

I was recommended BrainRelief by a friend. She used it primarily because she really enjoyed the scent, and it helped her unwind after work, but she said it’s been known to alleviate headaches as well. I knew I had to try it. I instantly put it to the test! One day I waited for my usual afternoon headache to appear, and when it did, I placed a couple of drops on my fingertips and massaged my temples. I could smell the lavender and peppermint immediately and be thrilled at how fast it worked! Within minutes, I already started to feel relief! I knew then I was hooked. Naturally, this product also made it easier for me to relax after work. BrainRelief is an essential oil blend that’s created from 2 ingredients – 100% natural peppermint essential oil and 100% natural lavender essential oil. By combining the incredible benefits of both oils, Brain Relief is a powerful agent that not only provides instant relief for headaches but also reduces pain, improves moods, reduces stress and anxiety, and induces sleep. It really opened my eyes to how naturally powerful essential oils are.

How I Use BrainRelief

BrainRelief ships in an amber-coated bottle that protects the oil from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV radiation. Also included in the package is a dispense dropper that makes it super-easy to draw a few drops of the oil for on-demand use – whether I’m at the workplace or relaxing at home. The airtight cap means that this oil can be carried in a handbag, suitcase, or pocket without worrying about accidental spillage. I use this awesome headache pain reliever in any of the following ways:

1) Apply to my temples or forehead

If you have sensitive skin, you can dilute BrainRelief with a carrier oil (I hear coconut oil is a popular one) and massage a few drops into the temples or forehead. It helps alleviate the pressure that’s coming from the headache or migraine tension within just a few minutes. Just be careful not to get any in your eyes!

2) Add to a warm bath

This is my favorite method. Naturally, taking a warm bath is already a great way to de-stress, but if you had a few drops of BrainRelief it can also help reduce headache tension.

3) Warm or cold compress

Simply add a few drops to a damp washcloth and ad to the back of your neck.

4) Diffuse in an essential oil diffuser

This is another favorite. It’s well known that loud noises and bright lights can worsen headache pain. So I like to tuck away into a dimly lit room and add a few drops oil to a diffuser and inhale the aroma while I close my eyes and relax.

That's how BrainRelief helped me with my headaches. Nowadays, I've settled more in nicely to my new career and my headaches are far less frequent. However, I still use BrainRelief and other essential oils to help me unwind after work or to help me get to sleep, but it's very comforting to know that if my headaches ever return, I'll know exactly how to get rid of them. 

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