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Five Most Popular Fragrance Categories

By Bargz Oils August 01, 2019

It has been said that your fragrance can be a form of expression. You choose the fragrance or scent that you wear based on your personality, preference, feelings, and mood. Of course, the occasion, time and place are also factors to consider when choosing the type of fragrance to run with. 

Just like clothes, there are various types of scents or fragrances. Some people choose to stick and enjoy different kinds of scents. There are still those who are clueless about what kind of scent or fragrance to use. It is important to know that there are categories or classifications for scents and fragrances. Understanding these different categories may help you choose the right fragrance for you. Let’s talk about the four most popular categories for fragrance. 


The main theme of woody fragrances is a combination of wood and moss. These fragrances are based on notes from oakmoss, resin tears, bark, and fresh green pine cones. The sweet earthy aromas conjure images of the forest after heavy rain in autumn, creating a very soothing fragrance. Woody fragrances are unisex although some claim it to be predominantly masculine. It is believed that woody fragrances are most frequently used by corporate workers. Woody fragrances also appeal to those who feel rebellious or adventurous. 


Citrus fragrances come from lime, lemon, tangerine, mandarin, and orange. These fragrances are heavily infused with real, sharp tangy notes. Citrus fragrances have an energetic and vibrant feel. These scents are perceived as lively and naturally refreshing. Citrus fragrances are perfect for use during the daytime. They can blend well with other fragrances. Women usually wear citrus fragrances when they want to feel carefree and comfortable. 


Floral fragrance is the most popular and versatile of all. They are believed to cover the largest category of fragrances. They are derived from different sweet-smelling flowers like roses, jasmine, orange blossoms, gardenias, carnations and many more. The floral scents are flexible and can be mild, subtle or strong. Floral fragrances evoke femininity, romance, love, and passion. 


Earthy and musky fragrances are the base of oriental fragrances. Oriental fragrances use ingredients like amber, musk and animalistic base scents. These fragrances are seductive and alluring which makes it perfect for a special date or a romantic night out. 


Fruity fragrances are pleasant and sweet. The smell of fruit gives a tingly sensation. Fruity fragrances are derived from different kinds of fruit and are vibrant, light and inviting. The scent has a sweet touch but not overwhelming, making it fruit fragrance ideal for usual dates, romantic outings, parties or adventures. 

These are just the most popular fragrance categories. Remember that there are still other categories of fragrances that are worth learning and trying. Enjoy life and choose the scent that suits you!

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