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5 Top Natural Essential Oils for Pets

By Bargz Oils October 04, 2019

               Do you have pets at home? How do you feel about them? Taking care of pets at home can be so much fun. They are so adorable and lovable. Pets are known to give unconditional love to their owners. Just imagine how happy they are to see you after leaving them at home the whole day. Dogs and cats are very loyal furry friends. 

               Aside from unconditional love, having a pet at home actually improves our quality of life. Pet dogs and cats comfort us and make us happy. They bring joy to our lives. Our pets are always there for us no matter what happens. Here is a list of the benefits given by pet dogs and cats. 


1. They can reduce stress

                   Coming from a stressful day and being greeted frantically by a happy pet simply melts away stress and helps us relax.  We can stroke the fur, ears or belly and that can soothe or calm down our nerves. Some studies have shown that pet owners tend to have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels that decrease the chance of diseases. 


    2. They can encourage regular exercise

                     Having a pet means having responsibilities. Dogs, even cats need to be walked daily. Walking outside keeps them healthy and happy because they are able to release energy. Walking outside also gives you the chance and the time to exercise as well. Walking is a good exercise for both the owner and the pet, which makes both fit and healthy. 


      3. They are great companions

                       Pets keep us company especially when we are alone. They make us happy and they give a comforting presence that tells us they are always there for us. Our pets can keep us feel safe and protected. 


        4. They can improve the immune system

                         Dogs and cats bring some germs and dirt that can help improve our immunity against cold and mild diseases. Some studies have shown that people who live with a pet animal experience fewer infections and are generally healthier than those who don’t. The happiness that pets bring also reduces stress, thus improving the overall health of a person. 


          5. They can help in socialization

                           Taking care of a pet gives chances and opportunities for the owner to socialize. People who walk their dogs or cats in the park usually socialize and talk to each other about their pets. There are also groups, organizations, and communities for pet owners that provide support and a sense of belonging to its members. 

                           Some essential oils can be safely used for our pets. One of the advantages of using essential oils is that they are natural. They do not have harmful chemicals that affect the health of our pets.  

            Here is a list of some essential oils that are beneficial to our pets. 

            Lavender is a gentle essential oil that has an amazing scent. It is generally safe for both dogs and cats. Lavender can be used as natural deodorizers for dogs and cats. They are also popularly used to soothe and calm pet dogs and cats when they are anxious, stressed or afraid. 

            Frankincense has antiseptic properties that are safe for both dogs and cats. This essential oil can help in healing injuries, itching, allergies, and infections. 

            Rosemary is a powerful repellent for bugs like fleas and ticks. The antimicrobial properties of rosemary are beneficial for soothing skin irritations in dogs and cats. 

            Eucalyptus can only be used for dogs. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of eucalyptus make it a perfect cleaner and deodorizer for pet dogs. Eucalyptus is also an effective flea repellent.

            Peppermint in a small dosage is safe to use only for our pet dogs. Cats are very sensitive to this essential oil. Peppermint can relieve pain and itching in dogs. It is also a natural tick and flea repellent for dogs. 

                           Essential oils are natural oils that can be beneficial for our pet dogs and cats. It is important to remember to use only small diluted amounts of essential oils for our pets. Also, pet owners should know that not all essential oils can be used for dogs and cats. With proper knowledge and use, our darling pets can enjoy the natural benefits of essential oils. 

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