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10 Amazing Ways to Freshen up your Life with Fragrance Oils

By Bargz Oils July 31, 2019

From the name itself, we know what fragrance oils do. They give fragrance, aroma or scent. Fragrance oils have been around for a very long time and they have been used to add fantastic and enticing smells to a variety of bath and body products, cosmetics and most especially to perfumes. Because fragrance oils are very versatile, there are many amazing ways to use them to freshen up our lives. 

1. Make your own air freshener. Add a few drops of fragrance oil to a spray bottle filled with water. Shake well and spray around whenever you need to quickly freshen up the air.


2. Turn unscented candles into scented ones. Carefully put a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil into the wax near the wick. Light the candle and as it burns, the oil will heat up, allowing the fragrance to drift through the air.


3. Freshen up smelly carpets using fragrance oils. Add several drops of fragrance oil to a box of baking soda or cornstarch. Mix well. Allow the mixture to dry for a day or two. Sprinkle the fragrant mixture onto the carpet and leave for thirty minutes to one hour. Finally, vacuum to freshen up the carpet. 


4. Add new fragrance to old potpourri. A potpourri is a bowl of dried petals and spices. In time, it loses its scent. Simply add several drops of fragrance oil to the bowl of potpourri and enjoy the scent. 


5. Enjoy aromatic linens. Add a few drops of fragrance oil to paper towels. Place a sheet of the scented paper towels between sheets, pillowcases or towels. 


6. Stored clothing doesn’t have to smell bad. Place a cotton ball soaked with a few drops of fragrance oil in the corners of drawers or closets. 


7. For fresh smelling laundry, add several drops of fragrance oil in the washing machine. Do this after the water is filled with each wash. 


8. Make your own toilet spray. Pour 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol in a 3 oz. spray bottle. Add 30 drops of fragrance oil and fill it up with water. Shake well. Spray the mixture into the toilet bowl before use to trap bad smell. 


9. Pamper your feet with a foot scrub. Add a few drops of coconut oil to 1 cup of granulated sugar in a bowl. Mix thoroughly before adding the fragrance oil. Enjoy the scent as you massage your feet with this fragrant foot scrub.


10. Use fragrance oil for an invigorating massage. Mix 4 oz. of massage oil like coconut oil with 15 to 20 drops of fragrance oil. Keep the mixture in a container and use it for massage. 

There is still a long list of how fragrance oils can be used. Choose the right fragrance oil that suits your mood or the ambiance that you want to create. Don’t be afraid to try out and discover new scents. Enjoy!

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